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Membership Categories

Please remember that only those in the Full Member and Associate Member categories are eligible to vote and/or hold office. Also, the professional conduct of all members must conform to the code of ethics of TCMA and the International City/County Management Association. Here are the membership types and dues for each:

Corporate MembershipCriteria for Membership
Shall have been a Full Member of the Association for at least two (2) years. The privilege of voting and serving as an Association officer is limited to Corporate members. Their conduct shall conform to the code of ethics of this Association.

Full MembershipCriteria for Membership | Full Member Dues | Apply for Full Membership
Any person who serves in a Tennessee city or town government who serves as a municipal manager, administrator or equivalent position with similar responsibilities and duties appointed by local elected Board or Mayor or serves as a Deputy/Assistant City Manager/Administrator or equivalent position. In addition, individuals in Tennessee local government who previously served in the above positions within the State for at least (3) years but are currently employed in a Tennessee local government in an Associate Member position shall be designated Full Members. Their conduct shall conform to the code of ethics of this Association.

Associate MembershipCriteria for Membership | Associate Member Dues | Apply for Associate Membership
Any person who serves in a Tennessee local government in an appointed position as a department head, mid-management or entry professional level position and is committed to professionally managed local government. Their conduct shall conform to the code of ethics of this Association.

Academic Membership: Criteria for Membership | Academic Member Dues | Apply for Academic Membership
Any person employed by or enrolled in an accredited college or university in Tennessee or is a native of the state enrolled at a college or university out of state who is teaching a course of study in local government management or is pursuing an educational curriculum or internship leading to a career in local government management.

Agency Membership: Criteria for Membership | Agency Membership Dues | Apply for Agency Membership
Any governmental or related agency that provides management or technical support to Tennessee local governments and desires to enroll a significant number of its employees as members in the Association. The Board of Directors shall establish Agency member dues taking into the account the number of individuals participating and the benefit derived by the Association from having their involvement. Agency members are not eligible to become Corporate members.

Alumni Membership: Criteria for Membership | Alumni Membership Dues | Apply for Alumni Membership
Any former member of the Association, having been a member in good standing for a minimum of three (3) years, who is retired or is no longer working for a Tennessee local government and is not employed by a company seeking or doing business with TCMA or its member cities and towns.

Honorary Membership: Criteria for Membership
Individuals currently not employed in Tennessee local government who have distinguished themselves for a minimum of twenty (20) years in the field of Tennessee local government or affiliate organizations that support the TCMA mission and programs. Upon a petition of at lease (five) corporate members, honorary membership may be granted upon the unanimous approval of the Board of Directors. Honorary members participating in any Association activity may not do so in a way to represent or promote a commercial product or service.

Member-in-Transition: Criteria for Membership
A Full member dismissed from their local government position in Tennessee without cause, or forced to resign under pressure for dismissal without cause, may retain membership for up to two years without cost provided the member remains domiciled in Tennessee and their conduct conforms to the code of ethics of this Association.


Membership Dues

Full Member:

$150.00 or $2.50 for each $1,000 of your annual salary, whichever is greater.

Associate Member: $150.00 or $2.50 for each $1,000 of your annual salary, whichever is greater.
Academic Member:

Academic memberships are free. 

Agency Membership:

$2,500 for agencies having 10 or more employees that provide direct educational support and technical assistance to TCMA. Agency identification of employee members must be provided annually as part of the membership renewal process.

Alumni Membership: $50.00 Annually
Honorary Membership:

Honorary memberships are free to individuals approved by the TCMA Board of Directors. Honorary members must renew their membership annually.

Dues for the various classes of membership shall be established by a majority of Corporate Members present and voting during any meeting of the Association (Constitution, Article 10). The schedule of dues for membership shall be recommended by the Board of Directors. Dues shall be payable by January 31 each year and shall be paid within thirty (30) days upon receipt of an invoice. Dues unpaid by April 30 shall result in the suspension of the member. Dues from prospective members shall be paid at time of application for membership in accordance with Article II of the Bylaws.


Membership Application

I Want to Apply for: Full Membership | Associate Membership | Agency Membership | Alumni Membership | Academic Membership




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